On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

While you can always independently apply for jobs, many university career centers offer help through their On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) services. OCR serves as a recruiting method for employers looking to hire directly from select universities for entry-level positions and internships. This is a convenient university service that connects you with top employers to help you line up a job well before graduation.

How OCR works

OCR offers different formats for introducing you to hiring organizations. For example, your university may host career fairs, networking events, and information sessions for employers and students. If you’re curious about potential employers, this is an ideal way to get to know them before sending in an application.

MPOWER Pro-tip 1

1. Obtain a list of the employers attending networking events or career fairs from your career center. That way, you strategically plan out who you would like to speak to and do some research on them before attending the event.

OCR interviews

Employers may also host first-round interviews on campus. In this instance, employers coordinate with your university’s career center to collect resumes and schedule interviews. Check with your career center to see what opportunities are available and the best time to apply. Typically, recruitment for full-time positions starts in the fall, and recruitment for internships can be spread throughout the year.

MPOWER Pro-tips 2 and 3

2. Check with your career center about employers’ hiring timelines through OCR. That way you can make sure that your application materials are top-notch and are sent in by the deadline. OCR is a great way to get your foot in the door at some very competitive organizations, and you don’t want to miss out on potential opportunities.

3. Prepare for your interviews by conducting mock interviews with your career center staff. If you have a loan with MPOWER, our team is also available if you need an extra set of eyes on your application or want to practice your interviewing skills. Take advantage of this service by sending us a chat message or emailing us at mpower.me@mpowerfinancing.com.

OCR creates a wide range of connections and opportunities. Take advantage of them and position yourself for success.

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