What we do

Student Loans

With MPOWER’s student loans, students can pay for tuition or university-sponsored services such as housing, meal plans, or health insurance.


Private and institutional investors can invest directly in students’ futures, earning a competitive return while empowering the next generation through education.

Global Empowerment

MPOWER helps high-potential domestic & international students at top tier U.S. schools get into, or through, their program.

Loan Features

Student loans

Loans offered to 180 nationalities (including the U.S.)

No co-signer

No need for guarantees, co-signers, or collateral


Only small touch payments are required until graduation

More than a loan

Career guidance and additional services to help you succeed

“Finding funds is very challenging coming from Serbia. MPOWER was quick and accessible.”

Nikola, Harvard Kennedy School

“Even the smallest of our actions can make a huge impact in someone else’s life, thank you MPOWER.”

Hasmaik, George Washington University


Jean, Columbia University

“I am very satisfied with MPOWER’s service.”

Yamrot, Georgetown University

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