We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season! As the year draws to a close, we would like to update you on our progress for December and review some of the highlights from 2015.

What has 2015 Looked Like for Us?

We have made a lot of progress this year, from launching our online application to cultivating valuable relationships with borrowers from around the world. Here are a few of our major accomplishments:

  • Provided financial access to a top-tier education in the U.S. for undergraduate, graduate, and bootcamp students from over 25 countries

  • Raised over $4M in debt and equity

  • Obtained lending licenses in 14 states

  • Partnered with top-tier universities and educational bootcamps across the East Coast

  • Won first place in Village Capital’s Edtech accelerator, a competition for early-stage, mission-driven, education technology companies

  • Featured on the front cover of Washington Life Magazine and as one of two DC companies in Dell’s Power More blog

We are looking forward to building on this success in 2016. Keep on top of the latest at MPOWER by following our blog.

Partnership Spotlight

MPOWER takes great pride in providing borrowers with the best customer experience possible. To that end, we have partnered with FirstMarblehead Cology, a leading technology provider in the student lending space. Cology leverages technology to provide a seamless loan onboarding and disbursement process, and we look forward to our continued collaboration. Learn more about becoming an MPOWER Partner.

Team Member Spotlight

Lisa Wafo joins MPOWER with over 10 years of experience at Capital One Bank. Lisa also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, where she worked with underbanked communities on financial literacy issues. At MPOWER, she helps borrowers take full advantage of our loan platform and free online personal finance education classes. Find out more about borrower opportunities.

Share MPOWER’s Mission

Many students will start or continue their academic programs this spring. Along the way, some of these students may need extra funding to complete their studies. It is our mission to help them overcome this financial burden and complete their education.

Help us support your friends, ensuring financial worries are not obstacles to completing their education.

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