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MPOWER wants you to succeed on the global stage!

Path2Success provides career development, financial empowerment, and immigration information tailored to the needs of international students.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services helps international students prepare for success – wherever the world may take them.

Path2Success provides the following services:

Career Development

Financial Empowerment

Immigration Assistance and Information

Career Development

  • Get your resume and cover letter reviewed by international alumnus
  • Get a one-on-one interview preparation session with former international students
  • Enjoy networking and mentorship opportunities both in and outside of the U.S.
  • View internships in the U.S. and abroad
  • Sign up to be mentored by another international student
  • Receive advice on global careers
  • Build skills needed to successfully find a job

Check out our resources on Academic Advising and Career Development.

Financial Empowerment

  • Learn about how to manage your credit history in the U.S.
  • Receive advice on salary negotiations
  • Obtain tax assistance
  • Get access to additional financial products and tools

Check out our resources on Financial Empowerment.

Immigration Assistance and Information

  • Learn about U.S. visas and work permits for graduates
  • Learn about staying in or moving to Canada after you graduate
  • Get advice on moving back to your home country after graduation

Check out our resources on Immigration Assistance and Information.


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