NYU Students: Get the Student Loan that Suits You!

Checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit score!

Who are MPOWER borrowers?

1,100 + students

190+ nationalities

Studying at 200+ schools

Who is eligible for an MPOWER loan?

Undergraduate and graduate students within two years of graduating

Students attending New York University and other partner schools

Students from 190+ countries, including DACA recipients and refugees

Borrowing without borders

We offer student loans in U.S. dollars to international, DACA, and domestic students attending New York University. MPOWER loans can be used to cover student-related expenses including:

  • basic tuition
  • housing
  • food
  • insurance
  • books

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What are the benefits of an MPOWER loan?

A loan without co-signer, collateral, or credit history

Fixed rate loans from $2,001 to $50,000 with up to 1.50% in interest rate discounts

Loans offered to 190+ nationalities

Free visa support letters and exclusive career strategy services

Forward-looking approval process

  • No co-signer or collateral required
  • No credit history needed
  • We consider your academic success and career path when making a credit decision


  • 10-year loans with no prepayment penalties
  • Loans can range from $2,001 to $50,000 (over 2 academic terms)
  • Interest-only payment period during school and 6-months post-graduation
  • Our fixed-interest rates never change due to market conditions making budgeting easy and stress-free


  • We help you build your credit profile to ensure work flexibility your access to credit in the future
  • No exposure to exchange rate risk should you remain in the U.S.  or Canada post-graduation
  • Interest paid on your student loan may be tax deductible in the U.S. and Canada

Path to Success

  • Enjoy up to 1.50% in interest rate discounts for consistent payment and academic success
  • We issue visa support letters for all of our approved borrowers upon request
  • We offer free resume review, networking opportunities, exposure to paid internships and full-time job openings

How does the loan process work?


Check to see if your school and program are eligible
Estimated time: 1 minute or less


Complete your application. Estimated time 30 minutes

Conditional Offer

Receive a conditional offer immediately after submitting your application. Estimated time 2-3 days

Upload Documents

Upload your requested documents to your MPOWER dashboard, watch an introduction video, and complete a short assessment.
Estimated time: 15 minutes or less

Final Approval

Receive a final approval after we verify all of your uploaded documents. At this time we will also provide you with a visa support letter if you need it. Estimated time: 3-5 business days

School Certification

Hang tight while your school certifies your enrollment status with us. Once that is done, we can disburse your funding directly to your school on an agreed upon date. Estimated time: 2-10 weeks


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What are our students saying?

“I would just like to say that the experience with MPOWER has been great, as an international student, it is really complicated to get a student loan but MPOWER made the process easy and made my graduation possible!”


NYU, Philippines

“MPOWER has helped me tremendously and I hope it continues to help international students such as myself. Thanks so much couldn’t have done it without MPOWER!”


Auburn University, Jamaica

“I just received my initial approval of the loan. This is huge news for me and my family. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your help. I am really happy to be receiving funding from MPOWER. This means a lot for my future.”

Graduate Student

Tufts University, Nepal

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