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MPOWER Financing is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world in addition to accomplishing our financial and strategic goals. 

Founded by, and comprised of, a dedicated group of global citizens, our team is passionate about ‘empowering’ international students to become global citizens and future leaders in business, government, and their community.

Social Impact isn’t just a pillar of our business - it’s the core of our business.

One loan at a time, we’re expanding the U.S. and Canadian higher education market to serve more of the planet’s highest-potential individuals, regardless of income, family background, or gender. In the process, we’re enabling tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, and business and government leaders to realize their full potential and make powerful contributions to the U.S. and Canadian economies–as well as emerging markets around the world.

How do we do this? By making credit decisions using a forward-looking model centered on these students’ extraordinary potential rather than the traditional backward-looking model that requires an established U.S. credit history, collateral, or a cosigner – all barriers to financing that international students typically face.

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Our First Five Years of Impact

The extensive research performed to create our first Social Impact Report shows:

No-cosigner loans enhance geographic and socioeconomic diversity on campus.

No-cosigner loans enhance financial independence and educational opportunity for women from emerging markets.

Focusing on female customers has double bottom line impact.

DACA students are a key underserved market.

Small interest-only student loan payments build international students’ credit and enhance access to other financial products.

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Our Current Social Impact Initiatives

No-cosigner, no-collateral education loans based on student potential, not background

Scholarships for international students 

Free visa support letters for loan applicants and free immigration resources for all international students

Free career preparation resources for borrowers, tailored to the unique needs of international students



Sara Haider talks about the challenges she faced as a woman breaking into the Pakistani music industry and then pursuing her dream to study in the USA.

She talks candidly about the challenges and restrictions on women in Pakistan and how to overcome family objections to following your dreams.

She is the grand prize winner of an arts scholarship awarded by MPOWER Financing.

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