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Lending Licenses in New States

High-potential students all across the United States are applying using the MPOWER platform. We are excited to announce that we can now lend to students in: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. We are thrilled at the rapid pace of expansion – the broader our reach across the U.S., the greater our impact on students’ career trajectory.

Team Member Spotlight
Caroline Verkay

Caroline has over ten years of experience in international customer service. Born and raised in Sweden, Caroline’s experience includes a role at the blogging site Tumblr, where she supported customers in English, German, and Swedish. At MPOWER, Caroline guides applicants through the loan process and is always on the lookout for ways MPOWER can improve its customer experience.

Enhanced Platform

We’ve introduced paid referrals on our website. Any visitor to our site can now refer friends to MPOWER and earn $100 for every person who becomes a borrower. Check out the bottom section of our home page or our borrow page to try out this new feature and refer someone who could benefit from hearing about MPOWER.

Life Skills (Personal Finance Courses)

As a B Corp, financial education is central to our mission. To provide top quality personal finance education to our borrowers, we’ve partnered with USA Funds and now offer free access to Life Skills, a financial literacy and student success program. Through interactive online courses, MPOWER borrowers have access to informative content that prepares them for life both in school and after graduation.

MPOWER In The Press
Washington Life

Our CEO and Co-founder, Manu Smadja, was featured on the cover of the November issue of “Washington Life” magazine. MPOWER was chosen, along with four other great startups, to represent the entrepreneurial mindset burgeoning in D.C.

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