Happy New Year!

MPOWER ended 2014 with a bang and 2015 promises to be even more exciting as we further automate our platform and prepare to scale across universities! Take a look at our recent developments.

Spotlight on Georgetown student borrowers

Several of our borrowers come from Georgetown’s Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) program, a 1-year Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree targeted at outstanding female lawyers coming from Sub-Saharan Africa. One of these borrowers comes from Kenya, and has done phenomenal legal work in women’s rights across Africa, from setting up medical camps for survivors of gender-based violence to monitoring the prosecution of sexual violence as a crime against humanity in places like Rwanda. This A-student and practicing lawyer came to Georgetown on a full ride and got a loan from MPOWER to cover some of her living expenses and health insurance.

MPOWER partners with education industry giants

Though MPOWER is a tiny startup, we’re now supported by industry giants. Cology/First Marblehead and ECMC have been originating and servicing federal and private student loans for decades and are working with us to deliver a fully digital loan experience at scale!

University pilot with a top school

Shhh, we’ve been very busy on the university front. Several schools are now excited to work with MPOWER and, in May, we’ll be unveiling a new pilot with a top 20 institution. Stay tuned!

MPOWER is raising a $750K seed round!

This new round will help us automate our platform, expand lending licenses to more states, and further support our upcoming pilot. Feel free to connect us with anyone interested in learning more about the MPOWER story. Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation for investments.

Be sure to checkout our new website and stay in touch.

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