Reduced rates for DACA students on our no-cosigner loans

Our loans don’t require cosigners, collateral, or a credit history. Because we believe in your future potential

Am I eligible?

You could be eligible if you are:

A DACA recipient (more information can be found here)

Admitted to or attending one of our 350 schools in the United States

A current or prospective undergraduate or graduate student within 2 years of graduating

All MPOWER Scholarships are open to DACA students

MPOWER will never share any information about your DACA status with outside parties

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We support DACA students

Reduced rates on our no-cosigner loans for DACA students

Graduate DACA students: 7.99% introductory rate (8.89% APR), reduced to 6.49% (7.52% APR) if you qualify for all 3 interest rate discounts

Undergraduate DACA students: 9.99% introductory rate (10.91% APR), reduced to 8.49% (9.56% APR) if you qualify for all 3 interest rate discounts

1.50% interest rate discounts available:
- 0.50% for autopay sign-up
- 0.50% for 6 months of autopay payments
- 0.50% upon proof of graduation and full-time employment

Words From our Founder

Manu Smadja, CEO and co-founder of MPOWER Financing

“We started offering loans to DACA students because we wanted to help them overcome all the hurdles they face: they can’t access federal loans or grants, and their parents often have limited credit history, which can preclude them from qualifying as co-signers on a private loan. That made our no-cosigner loan a perfect fit.”


How does the loan process work

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frequently asked questions about our student loan program

DACA students are eligible to apply for an MPOWER student loan!

  • Your I-797 Notice of Action approval on an I-821D Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals case OR
  • Your I-766 (Employment Authorization Document) with your name and the category listed as “C33.”
  • The entire application process is completed online – click here to get started! Be sure to select all academic periods you will need to fund.
    • Complete the eligibility check to make sure you and your program meet our basic eligibility requirements. 
    • If eligible, start your application immediately. 
  • You can always save your application and come back later.

If you have already started an application, log in to complete it. If you need to request additional funds from your approved amount, click “Request my funding.”

We're excited to invite you to our community

MPOWER will never share any information about your DACA status with outside parties

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