What documents and personal information should I have prepared when applying?

Typically, we require a combination of the following documents:

1. Resume: Be sure to include your contact information, prior school information, and employment history
2. Past university transcripts: These documents must include your name, the name of the school, the dates you attended, and the grades you received
3. Current university transcripts or the admission letter from the school you’ll be attending
4. Standardized entrance exam scores or a waiver note: This includes the SAT and ACT for undergraduate applicants; the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT for graduate applicants; and the TOEFL or
IELTS for international applicants
5. Most recent invoice from your university or a university financial summary: The invoice should be dated within 30 days and must include your name and the name of the university. If you
are just beginning your program, a list of fees from the university is acceptable
6. Employment letter or pay stub: This should include your name, your employer’s name, and salary information
7. Address verification: Verification of your U.S. address with a utility bill, a copy of your lease, a letter from your school, etc.
8. Identification verification: Provide a copy of the following identification documents, as applicable:
a. U.S. Citizen: valid U.S. passport or birth certificate AND your driver’s license
b. Permanent Resident: valid passport from country of origin AND proof of permanent residency
c. International Student: valid passport from country of origin AND valid U.S. Visa AND National ID card from country of origin. If you do not have a National ID, please provide a
second form of photo ID
9. I-20 (when available) and supporting financial documentation: Our application asks you to fill out a short form outlining your sources of funding and debt. For each item referenced, we
need supporting documentation. Some examples:
a. Personal savings: most recent bank statements
b. Family savings: family member’s most recent bank statements AND signed and dated intent letter confirming that they will be supporting you financially through the duration of your
c. Scholarship: award letter
d. Income: pay stubs / tax return / job offer letter
e. Loans: detailed loan statement that includes balance, term, payments, and interest rate

Please ensure that your name is on all submitted documentation.

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