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Our Loan Features


Loans offered to 180 nationalities (including the U.S.)

No co-signer

No need for guarantees, co-signers, or collateral


Only small touch payments are required until graduation

More than a loan

Career guidance and additional services to help you succeed

Additional Benefits

Your potential matters

We look at your academic success and career potential to offer you the loan that best suits your needs

Affordable programs

Borrow up to $25,000 per academic period (for a maximum of $50,000) with fixed interest rates between 7.99% (8.85% APR) and 13.99% (14.87% APR) and loan terms of 10 years.*

The stuff you need

Funds are sent directly to your university to cover all school-related expenses such as tuition, housing, meal plans, or health insurance

Gradual payments

Make small touch payments while in school. Start paying back the rest after graduation

* The APR is calculated using the following assumptions: A loan in the amount of $10,000, with a 5% origination fee of $500. The first 24 months of repayment are calculated using a 360 month amortization schedule. The remaining months of repayment are calculated using a 96 month amortization schedule. All payments are made on-time, a forbearance is never utilized, and there is no pre-payment of any principal.
At an APR of 8.85%, the first 24 months, your monthly payment amount is $76.97. For the remaining 95 months your monthly payment amount is $145.80. The 96th payment is $145.18.
At an APR of 14.87%, the first 24 months, your monthly payment amount is $124.33. For the remaining 95 months your monthly payment amount is $181.42. The 96th payment is $182.29.

Easy and Secure Process


The process is easy and 100% online. Start by taking 3 minutes to see if your program is eligible

Reliable and Secure

We provide SSL encryption so your private information is protected

The Loan Process


Check to see if your school or program is eligible in less than a minute, fill out our 15 minute application, and upload your documents.

Introductory call

We will review your documentation within the next 3 business days and may reach out to you for additional information or clarifications. Once your application is complete, we will proceed with an introductory call (domestic or international) to review the relevant MPOWER loan product and to answer any questions you may have before you submit the application for credit review.

Conditional Approval

Within five business days of your introductory call we verify your application and send you a conditional response. International students may request a support letter to support their visa application.

School Certification

We connect electronically to your school to certify your enrollment and your loan amount.

Final approval

Our back office team will work with you to review your repayment schedule and to e-sign your final loan documents. Your school sets the dates of your loan disbursements.

Overall, you can expect a loan decision within 5 to 10 business days of submitting an application. The entire loan process can take approximately 1 to 3 weeks.

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